The AMHUB network

The AMHUB network

The AMHUB network

The World Economic Forum’s Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs (AMHUBs) was launched in 2018 and provides a unique platform for local manufacturing communities to connect globally and share best practice and lessons learned. The network counts twelve hubs – Spain (Basque Region), Scandinavia (Copenhagen), Brazil,  India (Tamil Nadu), Turkey (Istanbul), Northern Italy (Lombardy), New England, and Michigan.

Specifically, the Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs (AMHUBs) a project part of the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production Platform and aims to become a mechanism to address geopolitical tensions, climate change and industry transformations triggered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

AMHUB aims to engage not only the largest global industry players, but also small and medium-sized businesses, regional governments and local academic institutions. As such, they represent a new type of WEF initiative. In order to do so, there is a multitude of regional hubs. The list of AMHUBs organizing partners currently includes:

  • Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia
  • Automation Alley, Troy, Michigan, USA (AMHUB Michigan) map  video
    • Cynthia Hutchison, VP, Automation Alley (Lead) bio
  • Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI)
  • Dansk AM Hub, Denmark (Dansk AMHUB) map video
  • Department of Regional Development and Manufacturing, Queensland, Australia (press release)
  • Guidance, Tamil Nadu, India (IQ Hub) video
  • Innovalia, Spain
  • Schneider Electric
  • Tata Steel
  • Stanley Black & Decker, New Britain, CT, USA and Tulip Interfaces, Somerville, MA, USA (AMHUB New England) video
      • Trond Undheim, Co-Lead bio
      • Carl B. March, Co-Lead bio
  • Turkish Employers Association of Metal Industries (MESS)
  • UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), Ulsan city, Korea (press release)
  • World Economic Forum (WEF’s AMHUB page).
    • Project Lead: Ian Cronin bio

The Global Network of AMHUBs uses the Forum’s platform to aggregate and accelerate regional efforts to adapt to the future of advanced manufacturing and production and highlight key regional case examples on the global stage, while creating a feedback loop wherein best practices from around the world are conveyed to the regional level to further amplify the impact potential of this network.

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