The following is the starting point towards a who’s who of industry 4.0 bloggers. For now, we’ve listed a few sites that themselves contain listicles. The list has emerged through strategic search terms (industry 4.0, influencers, bloggers, etc.) in search engines. Some sites are picked for their exhaustiveness others for the easy access to influencer contact details. The methodology will improve as we spend more time on this project. Please feel free to Contact us with suggestions for who deserves to be on this listicle of meta articles or on the influencer list. Over time, we will build our own list to guide the community towards thought leaders in the space.

Beyond navigating through external influencers, is building our own roster of guest bloggers. See Guest Blogger Bios. We still have a few openings for monthly guest bloggers who already are accomplished writers with an existing platform or who are thought leaders in industry, SMEs, academia, consulting, non-profits, or trade associations.

Call for Industry 4.0 bloggers

Lists of top industry 4.0 bloggers and influencers, ranked by publication year


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Unknown publication date

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