Starting immediately, we will publish high quality blog posts on a regular basis from contributors who are established thought leaders in Industry 4.0 or who have a strong connection to, and belief in, the importance of upskilling the industrial workforce. Right now, we only take requests from individuals willing to commit to minimum a monthly post cadence. Interested bloggers are encouraged to contact us.

Guidelines for desired content

  • Original thinking, strong points of view, backed up by primary sources that have been vetted for quality and relevance.
  • Reference pieces pointing to the best places to find information and insight elsewhere.
  • Evergreen content such as best practices, reviews, Top 20 rankings, origins, ongoing technology developments, and future trends.​ is for anybody who wants to build manufacturing skills, stay up-to-date in the field, or explore a career in manufacturing. 

If you want further tips on how to become a guest blogger and why you should become one, see Neil Patel’s The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.